Baron C.L. Lagerfelts lot

Baron C.L. Lagerfelts lot


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Baron C.L. Lagerfelts lot
Baron Claës-Ludvig Lagerfelt 1878-1965, landlord of Duseborg, Gammalkil Ostergotland.
Knight of St. John, the swedish chapter, neck badge and  breast cross with associated case. Neck cross is in very good condition with silver stamps. Breast cross has superficial enamel cracks and a small flake missing. The case is in great condition with the manufacturer, C. F. Carlman´s hallmark on the inside of the lid.
The medalbar has following medals:
1. Östgötaleden Singing association medal with the inscription:
Baron, C. L. Lagerfelt 1941 18/5
2. Association for Nordic skiing promotion of merit medal
Silver hallmarks S8 (1944)
3. Linköpings ASS medal, Silver Stamps X8 (1948)
Two miniature medalbars by the above-mentioned orders/medals but with different embodiments of the
order of St. John´s orders. The first type is when the chapter was under german supremacy, the other when the swedish chapter broke free from the german in 1946.
Condition: Very good
Manufacturer: Carlman,  Stockholm, Sporrong
Hallmarks: Multiple