Colonel Stig Tarras-Wahlberg's medalbar

Colonel Stig Tarras-Wahlberg’s medalbar


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Colonel Stig Tarras-Wahlberg’s medalbar
The medalbar  has the following order/medals:
1. Vasa, Knight I class with gold stamps A9
2. Association of Swedish women´s core Royal Medal, Gustav IV Adolf
3. Shooting association’s board of medal of merit, Gustav IV with the inscription: S. TarrasWahlberg, on the merits, if voluntary, shooting association, 1956
4. Home guard medal of merit, King Gustav V
5. Central League’s officers training medal, Gustav IV Adolf
6. Swedish pistol shooting association’s medal with the inscription:
SB TarrasWahlberg, for many years, zealously work, pistolshooting, promotion
7. Gothenburg officer education League medal
8. Älvsborg officer training covenant of merit medal
9. Swedish corporation sports medal with the inscription:
Colonel Stig TarrasWahlberg”
Condition: Very good/Excellent
Manufacturer: Carlman, Stockholm, Sporrong
Hallmarks: Multiple