Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (1)
Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (1)Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (2)Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (3)Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (4)Hanseatic Cross Lübeck (5)

Hanseatic cross of Lübeck


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[Hanseatenkreuz Lübeck]

This award was jointly created in 1915 by the three Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck and awarded for services in the great war of 1914-1918. The three infantry regiments of the Hanseatic cities (1st Hanseatic Bremen number 75, 2nd Hanseatic Hamburg number 76 and 3rd Hanseatic Lübeck number 162), the crews of the warships Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck and all of them were authorized Residents of the cities who fought in other associations. A few other people who were not residents of the cities could also be awarded for special war merit.

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