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[H. M. Konungens medalj aka Hovmedaljen]

The court medal, was instituted in the early 19th century by Charles XIII as a reward for faithful servants who worked at the royal court for 30 years or longer. The medal shows the kings portrait and on the reverse the recipient’s name and period of service. This was the first Swedish medal to regularly bear the recipient’s name. Karl XIV Johan and Oscar I also awarded the medal. At his silver wedding, Oscar I reduced the qualifying period to 25 years, but still the medal was not awarded as often. There were also no strict regulations. With Oscar II, the medal took on solid forms and began to be awarded diligently. On November 13, 1876, a set of rules was issued for “H. M. The King’s Medal ”. The ribbon was changed to dark blue to distinguish it from the government medals. 20 years of employment at the royal court would be required to receive one of the medal’s five classes. Gustaf V simplified his father’s system so that the medal came in three standard designs, all in gold with a crown. For 20 years of court service, they received the 5th size, after 30 years the 8th size, and after 40 years the 8th size around the neck in a narrow band. However, these rules only applied to the court states. When the king was traveling, he was very generous with his medal to servants, drivers and others. The medal received almost twice as many foreign recipients as Swedish. However, they only got it in gilded silver.

The medal is the first type, with moose horns, later these where dropped. On the reverse the name of the recipients “Alfred Gustafsson” and the dates of is service at the royal court “1892-1922”.

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