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Order of Falcon, Grand knights cross, I type 1921-1944


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[Hin konunglega islenzka fálkaorda, Stórriddarakros]

The Order of the Falcon is the only order of chivalry in Iceland, founded by King Christian X of Denmark and Iceland on 3 July 1921.  The award is awarded for merit for Iceland and humanity and has five degrees. Christian X, the King of Denmark, also ruled Iceland until 11 July 1944. During a royal visit to Iceland, King Christian X issued the royal decree founding the Icelandic Order of the Falcon on his first visit to Iceland 1921. In 1918 29, November Iceland became a independent country but in a personal union with Denmark. Making the king also the head of state of Iceland. Since it was an independent country, danish orders and decorations could not be awarded so the king created the new order, the Order of the Falcon.

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