Order of the Sword

Order of the Sword


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Order of the Sword merit cross with miniature 1850.
Characteristic of this early merit cross (1850) is the little larger,  chubby crown by the jeweler Christan Hammer.  A small detail that differs, is the suspension between the crown and the badge.
The medallion in the center have the typically oblique crown as for the earlier types. The medallion is made of bronze and not gold, that came later.
The crossguard on the sword in the medallion, points up on the left side, while it tends to be contrary to the later types.
The miniature has the typical chubby crown for Christian Hammer, but the medallion is now gold.
Condition: Very good, some enamel chipping on the medallion and the original ribbon shows some wear
Manufacturer: Christian Hammer
Hallmarks: None