Order of St Olav Commander

Order of St Olav Commander


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Order of St Olav Commander II class. The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav was instituted by King Oscar I of Norway and Sweden on 21th of August 1847, as a distinctly Norwegian order. It is named after King Oscar II, known to posterity as St. Olav. The badge is made of gold and it is the 1937 type made by Tostrup but actually it is the 1905 type without the lion at the top of the crown. This was common when the 1937 type was introduced, the lions were removed on the 1905 type. Gold badges siezed to be manufactured in 1937, only gilded badges were made after that and the lion on the top of the crown was removed. The badge comes with the original case, unfortunately the lacks the red velvet bottom.

Condition: Mint

Manufacturer: Tostrup

Hallmarks: Tostrup Oslo, 750 N