Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (1)
Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (1)Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (2)Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (3)Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (4)Sverige - Vasaorden Riddare (RVO) (5)

Royal Order of Vasa, knight I class


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The Royal Order of Vasa is a Swedish order of chivalry, awarded to citizens of Sweden for service to state and society, especially in the fields of agriculture, mining and commerce. It was instituted on 29 May 1772 by King Gustav III. It was unrestricted by birth or education and could therefore be awarded to anyone. It was the most junior of all the Swedish orders. It was often awarded to Norwegian subjects of the dual monarchy until Oscar I founded the Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 1847. Since 1974 the order is no longer conferred: officially it has been declared as “dormant”, along with the Order of the Sword. This badge is a rare type, from ca 1860-70. The cross is smaller while the medallion is larger unlike the more common ones.
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Probably Hjortzberg/Carlman
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